Hi. I'm Vikas S Kumar

I am a multifaceted professional, weaving innovative code as a developer, empowering minds as a trainer, and crafting digital dreams as a freelancer

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My diverse array of professional roles

I thrive as a developer, trainer, and freelancer, each facet contributing to a rich tapestry of expertise.

Fullstack expertise

I've tackled diverse domains, delivering comprehensive solutions and seamless user experiences

Corporate trainer

I empower professionals with knowledge and skills, fostering growth and enhancing performance

Freelance developer

Adaptable developer delivering custom solutions, collaborating remotely, and delivering exceptional code for clients.

Presenting a selection of my recent creative endeavors

Pioneering technical creativity, exploring innovative solutions and pushing boundaries through my technical endeavors

Health Care Project's

Advancing healthcare through cutting-edge solutions and technologies

Supply Chain Project's

Optimizing supply chain operations for seamless logistics management

Retail Project's

Transforming retail with customer-focused strategies and innovations

Technical facilitator

Nurturing technical expertise through effective educational facilitation

Project assistant

Fostering collaboration and delivering impactful contributions.

Interviewing specialist

Experienced adept at conducting insightful and impactful interviews

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